Our mission

The purpose is to ensure that ancient works and crafts are not lost,
and, with that, not to lose part of the historical memory of the island and its inhabitants:
an historical memory that in the north of the island is more deeply rooted
than in the more commecialised areas of the south.
We're going to look for any significant production and activity
and we will be interested only in handicraft production
where manual work is at the center of the processing cycle.
Jobs where only adults and experienced people are involved and employed
and where only natural processes and craft techniques ancient of hundreds of years are used:
from the processing and treating of the marine salt, to the carving of the famous masks,
from the famous and world-renowned coffee Kopi Luak, to the best local food
that will be on offer to our guests
coocked by the expert hands of local women
following the recipes of the ancient tradition of the region.